Have you heard the story yet of Destiny Flores? She’s the little 14 month girl found sitting in the middle of a busy street last year, but her story is just now gaining National headlines. Here is the story from the Today Show yesterday:

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At first, the story seems horrifying. I mean, really. It IS horrifying. A little baby sitting alone  in the middle of the street. Thank GOD this bus driver was paying attention!

But now the mother is fighting for all three of her children…Child Protective Services wants to take them away.

What do you think?

According to the mother, Catherine Gonzalez, “it was an accident.”  Apparently a latch on their screen door wasn’t latched properly.

Do you think this “accident” could happen to you??

Oh, hell yes it could!

I don’t think I ever blogged about it.  But way back when my twins were just 2ish or so, they got out.  Into the street.  Alone.

My husband was home “watching” them.  They were at that stage of opening the door and exploring the world around them.  Bob was in another room and didn’t even know they were gone.  We also have a completely fenced property with a gate across the driveway.  Added security.  So when Bob came back into the living room and realized they were out…he didn’t panic.  I mean…the gate’s closed…right?


Someone had left without closing the gate.  Two little toddlers were toddling around in the middle of a very busy, curvy street.  By the time my husband hauled his butt to the road, cars were stopped and honking at these two little explorers who were oblivious to the peril they were in.

Horrifying!  Right??

My  husband called me on the phone to tell me what happened.  I was pissed!  To say the very least…  I was so mad that my husband could be so incompetent and put our babies in danger like that.

But you know what?  Shit happens!

We learned from that day and installed a latch at the very top of our door so that they could not reach it.  We put a lock on the gate and made rules with my parents (who live on the same property) that the gate would always be closed.  No exceptions.  And this horrifying accident never happened again.

Now I don’t know about other circumstances happening with Catherine Gonzalez and her fight for Destiny and her sisters.  It sounded like from her Today Show interview that there was more happening than just this one incident.  But if this one incident is enough to take her kids away, then that’s not fair.  Parents make mistakes.  People learn from those mistakes.  These things happen to the very best of parents (like me!).  Children are crafty little buggars!  I say we just give the bus driver a medal for paying attention and saving that little girls life and let the family get on with their lives.  They should not be made to feel worse than they already do.  Trust me.