Holy crap.  What am I getting myself into?

I had a conversation with Anthony’s kindergarten teacher yesterday.  I hadn’t seen her in a while with having baby’s and all recently.  She asked me about the ADHD questionnaires that she had filled out and was wondering what the doctor had decided/recommended.  She wasn’t surprised at the results and I was happy to hear her say that she was also not an advocate for medicating.  I told her about us working on diet change and asked her what she thought.

Surprisingly, she told me that she thought Anthony would learn better in a “traditional” school setting.  Currently he is in a public Montessori program that I was really happy with, but the problem with Montessori is that everyone is doing something different.  One child can be reading, another one doing math, and yet another one is doing something else.  It’s like a room full of shiny objects.  Anthony and shiny objects don’t mix well!

I was really very worried and saddened that she would recommend taking him out of the Montessori school.  I worry about the effect it would have on him.  I have not ever told him that he has something called ADHD.  I don’t want him burdened with it or to feel “bad” about it.  I know he’s only (almost) completed Kindergarten and the school change probably wouldn’t be a big deal, yet I still worry.  Besides that, his school has very high ratings with test scores and parent satisfaction where the “new” school does not.

Well, it just so happens that his school campus not only has the Montessori program, but also something called the Mountain Valley Academy…home school.

Now, I don’t know a lot about home schooling and the gazillian different curriculum’s out there, but this one actually goes through our school district.  I am assuming then that all the curriculum, testing, reporting, legal type stuff is taken care of by the district.  Now, I could be wrong…I hope I’m not.  So it’s a tiny bit less daunting than heading out to the school of Google to find what to teach.  The fact remains though that I am still the one teaching.  EEK!  With this program he would also have the option of going to school twice a week and I it would be to a campus he’s already familiar with.

Can I do this?

I had entertained the idea of home school back before he ever entered Kindergarten.  I love the idea of it, but I dismissed actually doing it for fear of failure.  Not my childrens failure but mine.  What if I suck?  What if he doesn’t learn anything?  Can I follow a set schedule and enable him to succeed?


I’m scared to death!

This is my child and I would do anything for him.  I don’t want to put him at a sub-par school, but I also don’t want him to get so distracted in class that he can’t learn what he needs to learn.  Could home school be a good alternative?

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear what you think.  Especially if you are a home-schooler.  Please tell me I can do this!