OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I really wish I had a cool Yoda-ish title, but honestly, I’m just not that creative.  But I got the call tonight that I will be taking my boys (all FOUR of them) to see Star Wars in Concert tomorrow night at the San Diego Sports Arena.  How cool is that?

I requested passes several weeks ago and just got the call today that I would have tickets waiting.  I got off the phone and told the boys the good news.  They were ecstatic!  They started asking if they would see “Snips” and if they could take their light sabers.  LOL  I was so happy to see their faces.

Ten years ago, before I ever met my Sci-Fi husband, I would never have dreamed that I would be excited about seeing a Star Wars concert.  But I am!  I am because my children love it…and I love everything that they do.

Star Wars in Concert is a unique event that combines John Williams’ unforgettable music, performed by a live symphony orchestra and chorus, with specially edited footage from all six Star Wars films.  Through each musical piece, audiences will experience the key themes, characters and story elements of the epic Star Wars saga from a new perspective.  Taking a remarkable excursion into the heart of a galaxy far, far away.

Along with the concert, there is an exhibit of Star Wars props and costumes, many of which have never been seen by the public.

Star Wars in Concert is playing at the San Diego Sports Arena Friday the 28th at 7pm and in many more arenas globally.  You can find out ticket information on their website as well as Ticketmaster.  I’ll be back sometime this weekend to tell you how much FUN we had!