My little Jedi Knight’s were so excited to get the opportunity to go see Star Wars in Concert at the San Diego Sports Arena Friday night and I can use one sentence to sum up the experience…

Coolest Show Ever!

If you are asking yourself “what the heck is this Star Wars in Concert,” then read this post first.  But basically, an original movie montage was created specially by LucasFilms which combines all Star Wars movies and plays along to the epic John Williams movie soundtrack which is being performed live by the Star Wars Symphony Orchestra.

Courtesy Lucasfilm LTD. © 2009 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM where indicated. All rights reserved. Used under authorization.

See, cool.

Along with the amazing orchestra and memorable movie clips, you get special narration by none other than C3PO himself, Anthony Daniels.

Courtesy Lucasfilm LTD. © 2009 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM where indicated. All rights reserved. Used under authorization.

All the various story lines are broken down and explained individually with music and movie clips.  This was actually pretty neat for me and the boys and helped our little minds actually understand the story.  The boys sang along and cheered at all the right moments.  The orchestra was fantastic!  I was able to use the experience to explain to the boys how music is used in movies and how important it is.

In addition to the concert, there are exhibits.  Many items from the Star Wars vaults that have never been on display before now.  Costumes and props all available to be seen and admired.  I was a little disappointed that I was not allowed to bring my camera in (because it is a DSLR with a detachable lens, it was considered “professional” equipment), so I’ve only got pictures that I was able to take with my iPhone.  Not that great in low light.  But you can still see some of what is available in the exhibit.

Of course, there were light sabers…

In hindsight, I wish I had let Anthony wear his Darth Vader costume.  There were lots of children dressed up, and even some adults.  Though, not as many as I expected.  The highlight of the costumes was actually seeing the boys’ pediatrician….dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi!  LOL!  He scored major credibility points with the boys from being so darn cool.

Gabe made it until the last 15 minutes of the show before passing out….but even then, he was still awake, just enough, to applause at the end.  And the sure fire sign of a good time?  Putting Anthony to bed after the hour long drive home and him busting out the Star Wars theme song in his sleep.

FTC Disclosure:  I was provided 5 passes to see Star Wars in Concert so that I could tell you about the show.  All opinions are always my own.