Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery

I headed out to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery this weekend to lay flowers on my loved ones grave sites.  I was sad when I realized just how many people I’ve lost…but so proud because all of these people served their country.

My father.  He died when I was 9 years old.

My grandmother.  She was a Captain in the US Army and served as a nurse in WWII.

My first Father in Law.

My uncle.

My grandfather also served and is buried in Oklahoma.  My dad (step dad in case you are confused) also served during Vietnam and will someday be laid at the beautiful Fort Rosecrans as well.  I have a brother who is retired from the Army.

We had a great Memorial Day weekend with lots of fun and sunshine, I just wanted to be sure to take a moment to tell you of the ones I remembered.  The ones that are the reason for the holiday.