Today is Wednesday, and I should have gotten a “Wordless Wednesday” post up this morning, but since I didn’t, and it’s still Wednesday, we’ll just pretend this is my Wordless Wednesday post.  Except it won’t be wordless…it does have pictures though!  Does that count?  Good.

Anyhow, I have been searching Craigslist for months now dreaming of being able to get my family a tent trailer (or other inexpensive camping vehicle).  I knew we couldn’t afford anything fancy, but something to get us up off the ground and out of the tent would suffice.  You see, we camp.  A lot. And since we are the “young and poor” (LOL) branch of the family tree, it’s been hard to afford something that would work.  Until now.

We are now the proud owners of one 1995 Jayco Jay Series Tent Trailer.


It’s really big.  There is both a King and Queen size slide out, as well as both a “double” and twin size dinette’s.  It technically is supposed to sleep 8, but it will be perfect for us 5.

Pardon my dusty pictures…we are still in the process of cleaning. But you can see on the right, there is also a stove and sink.  There is an outside shower (perfect for just rinsing off stinky boys) a fridge and and a heater.  Of course, there are some blemishes:   A hole in a couple of cushions (wonder which boy will enlarge those?) and a few frayed curtain edges.  But all in all it’s in really great shape.  I don’t even think the previous owners used the drawers and storage because everything is still so pretty and nice.

I am just tickled with this new “toy!”  I am so happy to be able to go camping and be self sufficient.  I’ve now got a place to put all of our stuff, a place to cook and sleep and keep dry.  Gone are the days of mooching off my mom and dad for stuff.  I can make my own coffee on my own stove and I have a counter top in which to prepare a sandwich.  Very grown up, dontcha think?

Of course…I’ll probably still mooch off my mom and dad for something.  Isn’t that what they are there for?