I have begun training for the San Diego leg of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure walk.  Come November, I will walk 60 miles over the course of 3 days to help take a stand against breast cancer.  I am super excited!

I actually registered for the walk 2 years ago.  I talked my best friend into doing it with me.  I started walking.  But then I developed plantar facetious in my feet and it was excruciating to walk from my bed to my couch…much less train for a 60 mile walk.  So I bowed out.  My friend, however continued on with a new team and completed the walk.  I was so happy for her but felt like a schmuck myself for not pushing through.  I mean, women battling breast cancer don’t get to quit when something gets hard now, do they?

So, I’m back and trying it again.  Only this time I won’t be quitting.

It’s no secret here that I’ve battled weight issues for a long time.  I am using this 60 mile walk as my motivation to get in shape and get moving.  I have three little boys that expect me to keep up with them and I can’t do that sitting on my couch.  I’ll be sharing my training and fund raising efforts with you as well as my weight loss struggles.  They go hand in hand.

Last night I went with my mom and walked 1 mile at our high school track.  My first of many many miles.  Considering I’ve been sitting for 6 months, it was really great to get out and do this!

So, whoohoo!  Wish me luck!