On Memorial Day weekend my family took a trip down to the bay to visit the USS Midway Museum.  It was very cool!

About the USS Midway:

Commissioned a week after the end of World War II, the USS Midway embarked on an unprecedented 47-year odyssey that set new standards in naval aviation. More than 225,000 Americans took part in the odyssey that ended after Midway served as the Persian Gulf flagship in Desert Storm. Longest-serving U.S. Navy carrier of the 20th century and largest ship in the world, 1945-1955.

In 2004 the Aircraft Carrier was opened as a public museum for everyone to explore and learn from.

This was my first visit.

The boys were fascinated.

The ship was HUGE.  It was kinda funny because we told Gabe we were going to be on a ship.  While we were there, I don’t think he believed we were actually on the ship.  He kept asking to go up into the bridge area (is that what it’s called?).  He thought that was the ship.  Actually, he thought that was the “pirate ship.”

See, doesn’t that on the left look like it’s own little ship?  It does to a 4 year old!

Anyhow, there were tons of cool things to see and do on the ship.  Many interactive, hands on learning tools.  There was even flight simulators that Bob and Anthony had a try at.

This simulator did cost extra (above the cost of admission) but it was totally worth it.  Not too often a 5 year old gets to experience flying a jet fighter.

They had lots of aircraft cockpits to explore and there was even active duty personnel on hand at the exhibits.  We were able to go down into the ship and look through the Admiral’s quarters as well as the radio room (which was exciting for Bob since he was a radio operator during his time in the Navy).  Bob and Anthony also got to go up into the bridge (the twins were too short).

I really enjoyed taking the boys.  It’s a perfect “boy activity.”  Planes and ships and military…oh my!

Tickets are pretty reasonable, too and you can purchase them at the gate or online.

General Admission
$18 adults
$15 seniors (62+) and students (with valid ID)
$10 retired military (with valid ID)
$10 youth (ages 6-17)

Complimentary Admission
Children 5 years old or younger
Active-duty military personnel (including Reservists) with valid ID (daytime admission only)

So go, take your kids.  You’ll have a blast, I know we did!

BTW – this is not a sponsored review.  My mom bought us all tickets to go down on Memorial Day weekend.  I just had a great time and wanted to share it with you.