This is Bob’s fault.  He is the one that sent me the email that got the gears a rolling.  Now he regrets it and went to bed all mad at me.  LOL

Check this out:


Now, I was thinking…couldn’t you just get a regular bunk bed and then create the AT-AT facade to attach? You wouldn’t have to build the entire bed from scratch.  That should cut out at least 4 weeks of the 6 it took this guy to originally build it. Right?  Wouldn’t you just need one of those jig-saw’s to cut out the shape?  Some paint, markers, screws and bedding.  Viola!  Easy peasy.

I don’t know if this guy has a website to credit, but here is the post at  You should read the dad’s post, it’s kinda funny.  He even apologized for using the wrong color light saber in the photos.

I think that when you are the parents of boys, you need to be creative and fun.  I think this looks like FUN.

Now, leave a comment and tell Bob that he can totally do this.  I’ll even help!