Photo from Orange Beach, Ala. Credit: Dave Martin AP

I live in San Diego.  Way far away from the effects of the catastrophic oil spill that is plaguing the Gulf of Mexico.  And while I definitely have my opinions on what is happening there, I have kept quiet.  I don’t really feel that my opinion matters when it’s not my life, my beach, my gulf that is in peril.  Blog posts about the Gulf should be reserved for those living on the Gulf.  But today, I came across a YouTube video that absolutely flabbergasted me!

Holy crap!  What is wrong with these parents??

As a mother, I would never take my children to an oil riddled beach to play in the contaminated water and sand!  I personally would not walk in this sand or play in this water.


Workers are being specially trained and must wear hazmat suits just to clean it up, yet this mother is out frolicking in the waves with her young children.

I have no words.  I want to slap this woman.  Wouldn’t you consider this child endangerment or am I just over reacting?