I have been really proud of  myself and am right on target with my 3 Day walk training.  I am 21 weeks out from the San Diego walk and this week I should be doing 3-5 miles at a time.  Last night I did nearly 3 miles (we lost track of the lap count…I really need a pedometer).  This morning I wanted to go and do a 5 miles walk.  My farthest yet.  But here I sit blogging instead.

The problem comes from my husbands work/sleep schedule.  He works nights and sleeps all day.  He was actually off work last night but because of his opposite sleep schedule, he was still up all night and therefor slept in late this morning.   Past the time where I should have set out on my walk.

Now, I could head out now, but it’s set to be really hot out there.

But really, as my walks get longer and longer and the summer gets hotter and hotter…the heat will be unavoidable.

So how do you schedule your training?  Amongst children, husbands odd schedules, jobs (if you have one).  How do you do it?  I don’t need an “excuse” to not get my walk in.  For you experienced walkers out there…how do you make it work to ensure your 3 day success?