I have really big, close knit family.  It’s been a long standing joke with us that we will use “any excuse for a party.”  We recently went camping and I took advantage of Sam’s Club to plan and throw a mega-huge family celebration.  It was awesome!

I started out by following Sam’s Club suggestions for a Big Party Fourth Celebration.  Online they have everything you need to plan and execute a top-notch party.  Tips for food, fun and special finishing touches.  Everything from delicious burgers to red, white and blue decor.  They’ve got it covered.  And the best part was that I could get it all in one place, no dragging three obnoxious little boys all over town!

I started out with my list (that you can create right on their website based off of their suggestions) and I headed to town.  Now, items in store may vary from the items listed online.  I was really excited to try out their organic beef burgers (you know, since I’m trying to cut out all preservatives in our house).  I was a little bummed that they did not carry the organic burgers in my local store.  The one thing I’ve learned from being a mom is the art of improvisation!  So I just substituted for something else.  Something like Top Sirloin Steaks.  Oh.  Darn.

My cousin Lisa – our family chef and griller extraordinaire!

I was able to grab everything else we needed for our large weekend celebration.  Plates, drinks, red potato salad (that my family just raved about), decorations and games.  It was so convenient.

Fresh Berries! YUM!

My cousin Nick fixing up his sirloin burger.

My mom & cousin Lisa.

The gang diving in!

Anthony showing off his desert.

Playing Blastball

Got it!

Safe! or “Honk!”

Maybe you don’t have a GIANT family like me, Sam’s Club still has your party needs covered.  They have party planning ideas for a Traditional cookout, a Gourmet Soiree, Kid Friendly antics, and stuff for On The Go adventures.

I just really have to say that my everyone at my party raved.  The food was delish, the games were fun and the family time was priceless.

What kind of party are you planning for the July Fourth holiday?

FTC Disclosure:  Sam’s Club provided me with a full Fourth of July party pack of items for my participation in the campaign.  The opinions are always my own.