Anthony really want’s the new LEGO Harry Potter game for our PS3.  He want’s it so much he’s sitting over on our couch sniveling about it.  If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny!  But new LEGO Playstation games are not cheap.  This one is nearly $50.00.

For a VIDEO game.

Ridiculous if you ask me.

But this isn’t for me.  It’s for my son who’s world will come to an end if he doesn’t get this game.  Really.  Just ask him.

I made the suggestion to him that perhaps he could earn it.  Of course, then he asks me “how?”

So, now I ask you:  How?

Anthony has never really had a chore chart or reward system.  I’ve thought about implementing one, but just haven’t.  I’m thinking that with summer laziness upon us and this new game taunting him…maybe now is the time.

Tell me.  What kind of system works for you?  I’ve gone online and found several sites that offer free reward charts.  I’m just not sure what kind of chores are appropriate for a five year old.  Also, do I need to take into account his ADHD?  If you have a child with ADHD, do chore charts and reward systems work for you?  I’ve heard it can be helpful.

For a specific reward or goal, would you do a weeks worth of certain chores?  Does that sound reasonable?  Or, perhaps this is a good time to implement a weekly allowance and let him save up?

Sheesh.  So many questions I have for you!  HELP!