I asked the other day what age was appropriate for earning rewards.  Anthony (my 5 year old) has his eye on a pricey PS3 game.  I know that his expensive tastes will only get bigger as he gets older (he’s already a crab leg connoisseur…not a cheap dinner).  I also think it’s a good time to start learning the value of hard work and earning your own money.  Some of my readers had some good ideas, so I kinda combined a few and came up with this plan.

I found a chore chart online that had a space for tracking an allowance.  Together with Bob and Anthony, we decided on five chores, each chore earning a maximum of $1.00 per week.  If he does every chore, every day, then he has the potential to earn $5.00 per week.  Make sense?

If he misses a chore on any day, we take away a quarter.

For my very smart and capable five year old, we came up with the following chores:

  1. Feed the dog
  2. Make your bed
  3. Pick up the toys in the living room before bed
  4. Put your dirty clothes in the basket
  5. Take out the trash

I only filled in the chores for this week.  So if something isn’t working out well, or I want him to learn to do something else, I can change the chores on another week.  I hope this will help with not getting bored, too.

He’s been very enthusiastic the past 2 days, even insisting to take the trash out at 9PM last night because he didn’t want to miss out on his money!  I want him to be successful, but I don’t want to just give it away either.

Does this sound fair?  I would really love to hear what you think!