I talk about “Bob” a lot since I’m married to one, but recently “BOB” has taken on a whole new, very exciting and FUN meaning.

Well, that didn’t sound right.  I’m not saying MY Bob isn’t fun…but well…never mind.

Anyhow, On July 23rd I’ll be flying out to meet some of the best and brightest bloggers in the world wide web.

I’m SO excited!

About Bloggers on Bourbon (aka  BOB):

Social media is about meeting, connecting, and walking away with a stronger bond with those we spend every day with online. What better way to do that in a vacation destination that wasn’t dependent on classes or learning, but was completely focused on friendship and relationship building.

BOB is the brainchild of momdot and bookieboo who though the “social” was being left out of social media.  So they organized this event to get us all together.  I’ll be in the presence of some amazing bloggers.  People that I have only admired from afar.  In addition to the bloggers, I’ll get to meet some pretty amazing PR professionals, too.  Here is the twitter list of all BOB attendees.

Exciting isn’t it?

Besides getting to meet all these amazing people, I get to go back to my favorite city in the US, New Orleans.  Really, they only needed to mention NOLA and I told myself I was going.  The rest was just a bonus!

So, I’ve been a busy little bee finding clothes to wear and planning airline tickets.  It’s not often that a mommy gets to go somewhere so fun with so many people.  I have nothing to wear but some t-shirts and jeans.  Completely unacceptable for fancy dining in New Orleans!  And even though most of the tours and meals are being sponsored by amazing companies, I still needed money for clothes, planes, hotel, etc.


I’ve been really lucky to get a little help with finances!

My good friends at The Pretty Peacock has given me a monetary sponsorship that will cover said “fancy dinner” and also my part of the hotel costs (I’m rooming up with Kim!).  I’m also getting a fabulous dress from Shabby Apple to wear one of the nights out.  I really could use another sponsorship to help with my airfare, but I’m extremely happy to have any help at all!  I appreciate so much the ability to work with these awesome companies and represent them on an event like this.

Anyhow, you know I’ll be back with more as the even gets closer.  I’m so very excited, I can hardly stand it!  You can follow the twitter hashtag #BOBNOLA if you want to live vicariously through me.  I’ll share pictures of my new dress when it comes as well as the other outfits I’ve picked up.  I know how  much you love my fashion shows.  LOL