Up until a month ago, my boys had not ever seen a Toy Story movie and when the commercials started airing for TS3, we had instant fans.  Especially Gabriel.  Everything out of his mouth was all about Buzz Lightyear.  It’s funny what kids pick up on.  He was obsessed and he hadn’t even seen the movie.

Bob quickly got his hands on Toy Story’s 1 and 2 so the boys could watch.

I don’t need to tell you how actually watching the movies solidified their infatuation with these classic characters.

Last week Gabriel asked me for a Buzz Lightyear toy.  He would not stop talking about Buzz.  Literally.  “Buzz this and Buzz that.”  “When do I get a Buzz?”  “How many minutes?”  “I need to go to the store and buy a Buzz.”  On and on and on like only a 4 year old can do.

This sucker of a mom bought both twins a talking Buzz Lightyear Toy

Now, today I was at the mall and through the window at The Disney Store, I saw the best, most perfect pajamas…EVER.

I’m sure most parents out there have already had the fun pleasure of buying character pajamas for their children, but I never have.  Call me a weirdo.  I was so tickled with myself.  I couldn’t wait to get the pajamas home to give the boys.


Of course, they were thrilled.

My heart melted.

To Infinity…And Beyond!

I guess this momma should take them to see the 3rd movie now, huh?