Are you ready to be made more jealous of my amazing weekend in the historical city of New Orleans?  I thought so.

People who have never been to New Orleans have a perception that it is all about drinking, beads and boobs.  And while that is partly true, it’s also a beautiful city rich in culture and history.  This weekend I was delighted to experience a gorgeous Plantation House Tour that I will never forget.

10am we loaded into the Tour Bus that was sponsored by Community Coffee.  The bus took us on the hour or so ride out to The Houmas House Plantation and Gardens.

This place was stunning.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by Shannon Lane who is a local Travel Blogger.  We were treated to cocktails byFireFly Vodka (OMG..I am in love with the Sweet Tea flavored vodka!) and mimosa’s.  We got to meet the owner of Houmas House, Kevin Kelly.  I was flabbergasted to learn that he actually lives in this plantation home.  The third floor is his home.  Amazing.

The house is just amazing.  Have I said that already?  Well, it is.  The “stuff” in this house is all authentic, museum pieces that we could actually touch and see.  Nothing was behind ropes and glass.  The picture above, the bottom center, is a painting of Monet’s niece.  Yes.  That Monet’.  And the gold clock underneath?  Real solid gold.  If I remember correctly, it was Marie Antoinette’s (?)  someone correct me if I’m wrong.

The home is full of original 18th century furniture.  An original Steinway Grand Piano, a solid silver carved statue of Abe Lincoln (only 2 in the world and one is missing), just fascinating, historical things.  I loved listening to our Southern tour guide who was authentic right down to her “Lord have Mercy’s.”  She really knew here house history and it was a beautiful and educational experience.

After the tour, we were treated to lunch sponsored by Global Resort Homes.  I had another fun meal time just gabbing it up with my new friends.  The cafe’ served delicious chicken Caesar salads with tea and cheesecake.  The Houmas House is also open for fine dining and you can rent the grounds for weddings.  I want to get married again just so I can having a wedding here!  (Don’t worry Bob, maybe I’ll just re-marry you 😉 ).

The kids are hungry and I still have a lot more to tell you about the day.   So I’ll stop here and come back later to share dinner at Dickie Brennans with you!