If you have missed it, check out my Day 1 post and Day 2 (part 1) posts first.

After we returned from The Houmas House tour, I had plans of taking a nap.  Staying out till 3 am isn’t as easy as it once was!  But instead I hooked up with some girls and we headed out shopping to the the French Market.  Along the way I got my dad some famous New Orleans Pralines (The enunciation of Praline and Pecan was quite the hot topic along the way!),  some alligator jerky for Anthony and some other fun stuff for me.  I had a great time hanging out with Jessica, Kim, Maggie, Bridget, Cece, Renee and Blondie (I think this is who I was with…I hung out with so many people and it’s quite possible I got days and people mixed up.  If I missed you, I’m sorry).

It was really great having Renee and Bridget with us since they are local to the New Orleans area and they were our personal tour guides.  We encountered a wedding in Jackson Square where the LSU Marching Band was staged to play once the wedding let out and bells started ringing.  It was something called a “Second Line” and it’s right out of a movie, with parasols, hankies and jazz music playing.  We hung out for a bit, but it was getting late so we ended up leaving and headed to the French Market to shop.

After our fun shopping, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Dickie Brennans Steakhouse.

At this point, I am really upset with myself because I left my good camera in the hotel.  Why, why, why I didn’t bring it to dinner, I will never know.  But all I got were some cell phone pictures in a dimly lit restaurant.  boohoo.

Dinner was fabulous!

Really.  I can’t thank the sponsors Collective Bias and Open Sky Project enough for this amazing dinner.  The restaurant was beautiful and the 16 ounce seared strip steak was the best I had ever had.  Really.  The Best.  I ate the whole dang thing, and it was huge!  I had such a great time at the table with John Andrews (of Collective Bias), Jessica, Kim, Elizabeth and Kathleen.  John was talking about a movie being made for Sundance next year where people were submitting short movie clips of where they were on this date (July 24, 2010).   So he busted out his video camera and we all participated in making a clip.  I hope it makes it to the movie!  FUN.

During dinner Ted Rubin of Open Sky Project introduced us to their amazing concept.  It was really interesting to hear about Open Sky and learn of the innovated ways they are leading the online shopping world.  If you are a seller (blogger/website owner) or a supplier (small business owner) then you just have to check them out.  I will be opening up my own shop right here on mommy23monkeys in the near future!  More to come on that later.

I would no doubt visit Dickie Brennans Steakhouse again when I go to New Orleans.  It was such great food and a beautiful atmosphere.

After dinner, we headed back to Trisha’s suite to have a Passion Party.  FUN!  This explains the *cough*vibrator*cough* pictured in the above collage.  LOL  It was part of our gift collection.  I brought an extra one home for my BFF Cheryl.  She’s so happy.

Then, after that, we went out for some more dancing!  Saturday nights dancing was cut a bit short for me due to some personal female issues…for now I’ll leave it at that, but there is an entire post coming for just that.

Stay tuned…