Last night I returned from family vacation at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.  This morning I awoke to an email stating: Countdown:  15 Weeks.

Holy cow!  FIFTEEN WEEKS until I walk 60 miles for breast cancer!?  Crazy talk!

If you are walking in the San Diego leg of the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure walk, here is what training this week should look like:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles Easy walking

Wednesday: 15 mins Easy cross-training

Thursday: 5 miles Moderate walking

Friday: 30 minutes Easy cross-training

Saturday: 10 miles Easy walking

Sunday: 6 miles Easy walking

Oy.  I am slacking.

I was actually doing really well, keeping pretty close to the recommended training schedule, until 2 weeks ago.  That’s when I went to New Orleans for the weekend and then came home, turned around and headed back out for a week at the Grand Canyon.  Needless to say, I’ve gotten off track.  The good news is that I have actually done a lot of walking between these two places, just nothing measured or official.

One night in New Orleans, Paula (the Chicago Keep Going® Blogger…who is walking right now!) clocked over 4 miles just from dinner and through the Ghost Tour.  And that was only what logged before her phone’s pedometer battery died.  If you’ve ever been to the French Quarter, you know you walk, and walk, and walk some more.  A very good thing for me.

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon doesn’t have a lot to do but hike.  So hike we did.  The actual hikes were not long in mileage…could not be done with 2 four year olds and a whiny 5 year old in tow.  But they were hilly and a challenge for this flat surface walking gal.

I think I probably logged (total guesstimate here) about 8-10 miles all week in hiking around.  One thing I learned though:  if you walk down into the canyon…you must walk back up!  That one mile up hill kicked my butt.  Luckily, I had the spirit of the Energizer Bunny® with me and was able to channel it into my family to Keep Going® right on out of that canyon!

So now I’m home and it’s time to lace up my New Balance 846’s and get to training.  That 10 mile day coming up looks daunting to me, but I know I can do it!  I will Keep Going®.

By the way, if you are participating (or just thinking about it) in the San Diego walk, the Preview Expo is being held on August 14th in La Jolla.  This event is designed to inspire and inform walkers and would-be walkers as The 3 Day approaches.  I’ll be there and would love to meet up with fellow walkers.  Leave me a comment and let me know if I’ll see you there!