Did you know that you can still have warm gooey cinnamon rolls even while “roughing” it?  I learned, while at the Grand Canyon last week, that I could “bake” cinnamon rolls right on the campfire.  It really kind of happened by accident, but we’ll keep that between you and me.

I actually found a recipe on this site that explained how to bake canned cinnamon rolls inside a hollowed out orange.  This was my original plan.  Until a squashed orange and a hot trailer compartment molded my oranges and tried to thwart my plans.  But being the former Girl Scout that I am, I improvised!

I knew you could bake on a campfire using a Dutch Oven.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have one handy (I don’t have one at all).  But I did have my favorite cast iron skillet.  So I placed my 5 large, Cinnabon style Cinnamon rolls into my skillet, put a lid on it, and placed it on the fire.

I told the boys not to get their hopes up.

But, after about 10 minutes, I took a peek…

HOLY COW!  We had half baked cinnamon rolls!  WOOT!

The instructions on the can of rolls said to bake for 20 minutes.  So I checked again a bit later and Viola! Cinnamon rolls.

Now, the bottoms were a little overdone (burned).  But we just picked the black part off and enjoyed the gooey goodness anyways.  My advice for you (and myself) is next time, don’t place the skillet directly over the flame.  Keep it to the side, but still in the heat, so that the bottom doesn’t burn.

Now, if you are planning a camping trip, be sure to at least have a good cast iron skillet with you.  I hope to be getting a cast iron Dutch Oven before we go out again.  There is so much you can do on a campfire with a dutch oven.

Anyhow, take a can of cinnamon rolls with you and you’ll be the most popular person at camp!