I actually had a really good time planning our week long camping trip to the Grand Canyon.  Really, if you’ve ever been camping, you spend a lot of energy and time on planning menus.  You want it to be good, but have easy clean up and easy storage.  It’s not like you can bring your giant kitchen pantry and refrigerator with you.  I found the perfect camping recipe for Chicken Fajitas that is both delicious and (almost) mess free.

Supplies needed:

  • boneless/skinless chicken breast (1 for each camper)
  • taco seasoning (1 tsp per chicken breast)
  • your favorite salsa (2 tbls per chicken breast)
  • can of black beans
  • can of corn
  • cooking spray
  • ziplock baggies
  • heavy duty foil

At Home:

Buy however many boneless/skinless chicken breasts you need for your group.  While still at home, prep your chicken.  This way most of the mess it left in your kitchen.

Slice or cube your chicken breast.  Place 1 chicken breast in a ziplock baggie, add 2 tablespoons salsa and 1 teaspoon taco seasoning to the baggie.  Mix, seal and freeze.

I put all my individual baggies inside of a larger ziplock bag to keep them together.  I’m thinking of perhaps wrapping the chickens in the foil while at home so that I can skip the transfer step at the campground.  I think it should work, it’s something to consider.

At Camp:

It should only take a day or two for your chickens to thaw in the cooler.  So just don’t plan on eating these day 1 and you should be fine.

Remove your thawed chickens from your cooler.  Place 1 chicken breast onto a square of heavy duty foil (I folded it and doubled it up) sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.  Add a spoonful of black beans and corn to the top of your chicken.  You could get creative with your veggies here if you like, but taking a can of corn and a can of beans is much easier than bringing fresh veggies.

Fold your foil into a “packet” and make sure the ends are sealed tight.

Place chicken packets onto the fire.  We were lucky at our North Rim Campground that we had fireplace grates over our fire.  But you could place the packets directly in the fire if you had to.  You could also use a bar-b-que.

Cook for approximately 30 minutes.  The time will completely depend on how hot your fire is and if the chicken is in direct flame or not.  Check them after 20-30 minutes to see if they are done.

When done, carefully unwrap your HOT foil pouches.  Wrap up your chicken fajitas in tortillas and top with your favorite toppings (we had cheese and sour cream).