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Today I attended the San Diego Expo for the 3-Day for the Cure ®.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since this is my first walk and all. But it was fun!  I went alone.  Since my walking partner is prepping for our fund raising rummage sale planned for next weekend.  Being alone though afforded me the opportunity to reach out and talk with new friends.

The above photo shows a picture of Monica (bottom left).  She has walked the 60 miles SEVEN times!  Wow.  And, I met another lady who told me she has walked in 33 walks.  No, that’s not a typo.  Thirty-three. She does several each year.  Monica’s goal is to complete 10 walks before she’s done.  She liked my pink hair and is contemplating doing it herself.  I think she should.

The bottom middle photo, the ladies in red, that’s our San Diego medical crew.  The red shirts is who you need to seek out for medical attention.  I made sure to make friends with them!

The Expo was held in a large hall with several booths to visit.  The volunteers at the Energizer ® table were passing out very important necessities: sunscreen and tampons!  They offered clinics for what to expect on The 3 Day and blister care.  I attended a demonstration on how/what to pack in our bag.  Walkers are only allowed a 35 pound bag.  Veteran walkers were armed with tips (pack each day’s worth of clothes in it’s own zipper bag) and tricks (put your bottles inside your shoes) to manage your space.

My shoe sponsor New Balance was on hand with awesome deals on the ever important shoes.  I am lucky to have my New Balance 846‘s but still need to get my second pair. I wish I had remembered to take my debit card…

There was maps to see how the San Diego route will be laid out as well as a picture of camp.  It’s an impressive production to say the least.  I was told by a veteran crew member that the route in San Diego is such that camp is in the same place each night.

I had a great time at the Expo.   I learned a lot and I met some very inspiring Keep Going® kinda people!  I’m very excited. Only 98 more day’s to go!