It seems all I am posting lately is The 3 Day updates or camping recipes.  I’m sorry.  But it is what is occupying my life right now.  I had so much fun planning our camping recipes for the Grand Canyon and I think I did a good job finding some that were kid friendly.  I do believe though, that this is the last one (for now).  And this one…it’s a good one!

Grilled Pizza Sandwich’s!

Now, the pictures in this post show how to do this recipe at home, because it’s very easy to do at home and also so delicious that I have made it twice since returning from our camping trip.  To adapt this recipe for your camping trip, you must get some Campfire Cooker’s similar to this:

Campfire Cookers are the best thing to have when camping.  We use them to make grilled ham and cheese, breakfast sandwich’s, etc.  They are awesome!



  • Bread (we prefer sourdough for this recipe).  Make sure your bread isn’t too big though otherwise it won’t fit in your cooker.
  • Pizza sauce.  Contadina makes a great one that is in a squeeze bottle.
  • Butter.  Any butter will do, but I recently discovered Kerry Gold Irish Butter and it’s so freaking good!
  • Pizza toppings.  I just use pepperoni, but feel free to get creative!
  • Sliced mozzarella cheese.


It pretty much goes the same as your classic grilled cheese.  Butter one side of your bread.  Place bread in your cooker, butter side next to the metal.  Place pizza ingredients between your two slices of bread (sauce, cheese, pepperoni).  Close the camp cooker and place it in the fire.  Cooking time will entirely depend on how hot your fire is and where you place the cooker.  Carefully check on your sandwich periodically (after 5-10 minutes).  It’s done when bread is nicely toasted and cheese is melted.

I make these sandwich’s at home exactly the same way I would make grilled cheese.

They are delicious and a nice twist to the classic grilled cheese.  My boys love them!