I’m (obviously) a blogger.  And like so many other bloggers out there, I am in a constant state of searching for the perfect blog theme (or template).  If you’ve hung around here any time at all, you will already know that I change my templates…often.  And once upon a time (towards the beginning of my blogging career) I sported a StudioPress theme.  “Lifestyle” to be exact.  StudioPress is very popular with bloggers and you can see their beautiful WordPress themes throughout the blogosphere.

The CEO of StudioPress is Brian Gardner.

He’s somewhat of a celebrity to me.  I know, I’m a complete nerd.  But he’s smart and a creative web designer.  He’s also a 3 Day for the Cure® walker.  I was very fortunate that he took time out of his busy day to let me ask him some questions about walking in The 3 Day.

This is our interview:

Please tell my readers a little about you!

My name is Brian Gardner, and I’m a hopeless Starbucks addict and internet consultant living in the suburbs of Chicago. I am happily married and have 6 year old son names Zach. I am the CEO of a web design company called StudioPress, and a huge Sarah McLachlan fan.

Why did you get involved with the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure® walk?

10 years ago I attended the Closing Ceremony for what was then called the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day – my wife and I had been dating for a few weeks, and I wanted to surprise her with some roses. While I was there, I was touched by the emotions of the ceremony, and was intrigued by the commitment that I saw. The following year – I walked, and have been walking ever since.

How many times have you walked?

A few weeks ago I completely my 9th walk – all of which have been great.

What made you want to do it again?

Part of it is the physical challenge – part of it is being able to spend time with my wife Shelly – and the majority of it is so fundraise money to help fight breast cancer and save lives.

I know for the 2009 walk you raised over $35,000!  How did you do that?

Yes, in 2009, I raised just over $35,000 – I run a company which sells website templates, and I ran a special that for anyone who donated $150, they received unlimited use of these templates. The current cost of that package is $249.95, so users received a discount, and I knew the money was going towards a great cause!

What is the best tip you can give someone with regards to packing their bag?  Any must have/don’t forget items or brilliant advice?

Plastic bags. Regardless of the weather forecast, pack everything into a bag.  Whether it be clothes, toiletries, food. Once the event begins, the gear trucks unload the bags at camp, and if it rains, your stuff will be wet – and I know from personal experience how challenging the walk can be with wet stuff.

What is your best advice to rookie walkers (like me!) to prepare for the long 60 mile walk?

Feet care – my wife has always been a chronically susceptible to getting blisters. Training walks will help identify where hot spots might occur, in which case you can put blister-preventing band-aids in those locations. It’s one thing to walk 60 miles with a wet pair of shorts, but another to walk 60 miles with a blister.  Other than that, it’s assumed that you eat, drink and pee – all of which are vital to a successful walk.

I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Brian for humoring me with this interview.  It was my first one.  I wish I could have thought of some amazingly witty and entertaining questions for him. I’m so amazed at anyone who walks in the walk even one time…much less 9 times.  I hope that I can be so successful and I hope that anyone who is getting ready to walk finds some inspiration in Brian.