Gabe has recently taken a liking to this old beach ball we had floating around.  He asked me to blow it up last week and has been playing with it ever since.  He especially loves to bounce it back and forth with his Grandpa.  It’s a great toy.  Inexpensive, easy to catch, won’t break the window.

Yesterday my mom and I were talking about “Ballie Ball” (the name he’s affectionately given his toy).  We laughed about it being Gabriel’s “Wilson.”

In case you have no idea who Wilson is: “In the film (Cast Away), Wilson the volleyball serves as Chuck Noland’s personified friend and only companion during the four years that Noland spends alone on a deserted island. “ credit:  Wikipedia

At the revelation that the beach ball was Gabriel’s “Wilson,” I jumped up and ran in the house to find a sharpie marker.  I came back, took the ball and proceeded to draw a face on it.

Now, this could have gone one of two ways.  Gabriel could have gotten pissed in which a major temper tantrum would have ensued.  This is almost what I expected as I carefully introduced “Wilson Ballie Ball” to him…

But, instead, he smiled affectionately.  He lovingly admired his new friend.  He gently kissed it.

Me and my mom bust out laughing our butts off!


Gabriel was (is) in love.

God help me if Wilson get’s a hole.