I was super excited to receive the Shox Scooter to review from Team Mom.  My boys have an older 3 wheeled scooter that they love, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to get a new “big boy” scooter for them.

The Shox Scooter comes from Shred Sled®, a company specializing in extreme sports products for children.  the Shox Scooter is the first ever active shock absorber scooter that allows riders to perform higher, faster and more awesome tricks.  Unlike traditional scooters, the Shox Scooter’s supreme shocks increase a riders speed and air-time, making stunts bigger and better.

Anthony loves his Shox Scooter!  Thank goodness, it was very easy to put together.  It just needed to be unfolded and parts snapped into place and he was ready to roll.  It was easy to maneuver and he was doing “tricks” in no time.  However, there were a few issues that kinda bugged me.

Random bolts would just fall out.  Maybe it was our fault and they didn’t get tightened down properly, but twice we found (the same) bolts in the driveway that had fallen out of the scooter.  Now, the instructions do say to check that everything is tight before riding.  I just don’t think this is something that a 5 year old can be expected to remember to do every time.  And the scooter is categorized as being for ages 5+.

Also, the folding mechanism was pretty difficult to slide.  We noticed that it didn’t slide equally on both bolts and this made it hard to fold.  Also, folding it up requires that you remove these weird plastic clips on  the tires.  Once removed, there is no where for them to be.  Again, a 5 year old can’t be expected to keep track of 2 plastic clips.  I don’t even understand what their purpose is?

All in all, we really do like the scooter.  We’ve just decided not to fold it up and it’s not given us any more problems.  Of course, it’s probably the older kids who would be folding it up for travel and not your 5 year old, so it’s probably not a big deal.  Older kids would be able to keep track of the clips and have more coordination with the folding button.

The Shox Scooter retails for about $59.99 and is a lot of fun for kids 5 and up.