Have you ever sat back and had someone else do your grocery shopping?  Someone else cruising the isles and loading the cart?  No kids to chase down the isle, no toddlers secretly adding items to your basket, no rude stares from women who can’t possibly be mothers.

Well VONS Home GroceryDelivery offers just that.  Convenient grocery shopping right from your home computer.  While your kids nap.  Sweet!

I was asked by VONS to try out their home delivery service.  I was thrilled since I do love VONS.  Unfortunately for me, I live in the boondocks and am outside of their delivery area.  Boohoo for me.  But what was a “boohoo” for me, became a YAY for my cousin, Lisa.  Lisa got to try out Vons Home Grocery Delivery and she wrote up her thoughts here to share with you:

I don’t think I would shop online again. Not because the site wasn’t user friendly, but I think I am a visual shopper ( I know that doesn’t quite make sense, but in the store everything is all before you, not in specific groups). I kept having to toggle back and forth between items/aisles as I would think of things I forgot. Like now I remember  I forgot sponges. I like walking up and down the aisle, because it jogs my memory of things I need.

They also did not seem to have the variety of things they carry in the store. For example when looking at medicines I usually go with the store brand, because their cheaper, but it didn’t seem like that have everything they offer in the store.

I didn’t like that you couldn’t use coupons (even the ones that are in their weekly add).

I did have a hard time trying to figure out how to delete something from my cart, but I think that was user/Lisa error, because I do not order much online.

Checkout was very quick and easy, and I like that they give you a print out of everything you order, so you can refer to it when they deliver.

I thought the delivery fee could get a little steep. It ranged from $6.95 up to $12.95 depending on day and time of your delivery.

Delivery was between the time frame given.

Delivery person was very nice, and refused a tip.

Everything was bagged nicely, but ice cream was slightly soft, but popsicles were fine.

Lisa mentions that she could not use coupons online.  However, you do get to take advantage of exclusive Club Card savings and specials online.

Special Offer!

If you would like to try VONS Home Grocery Delivery out for yourself, then I’ve got a special PROMO CODE good for FREE DELIVERY and $7.00 off of your first online order!  Just use code:  MOM23 at checkout.  Code expires 9/30/2010.

My cousin, Lisa is not a blogger.  But she is a busy mom and the full time test kitchen manager for a major fast food corporation.  I appreciate her taking the time out of her day to try the online shopping and write about what she thought.  Lisa and I both received VONS gift cards for our participation in this promotion.  Our opinions are our own.