…and I am more confused than ever.

I made the decision to home school Anthony.  The twins will start, too, but they are preschool so it’s much less stressful with them.  The home school academy through his school had a waiting list.  So I enrolled him in the California Virtual Academy (CAVA) through K12.com.  Essentially, it’s public school…at home.

I was happy with my decision.  School starts on Monday and I am anxiously awaiting our curriculum and supplies.

Now, of course, with school just days away, there is lots of chatter online about home school and different programs and curriculum’s.

I’m second guessing myself.

Pro’s of CAVA:

  1. It’s free.
  2. There are teachers and support people available when I get stuck
  3. There is a schedule to follow
  4. Everything is laid out so you know when and how to do the lessons.

Con’s of CAVA:

  1. There is a schedule to follow
  2. Everything is laid out so you have to do it like they tell you.
  3. Not a lot of room for improvisation and creativity

So, now I am wondering if I made the right decision to go with CAVA.  It’s still a California Public School.  It’s still the same lessons and same standardized tests.  Will it still be lacking like so many brick and mortar schools?

Should I expect more?

But, am I organized enough to branch out on my own as a more “traditional” home schooler?  There are SO many curriculum out there.  Many of the “private” or religion based lesson books cost money (CAVA is free).  A lot of the programs look really cool and really fun.  So flexible.  Do I want to teach him more Christian based lessons?  I’m not opposed to that at all.  It would be nice to kind of just do what I what, when I want to.

As a “newbie” home school mom, should I just go with the structured, laid out for me plan until I learn the ropes?

I’m just not sure what to do.  The clock is ticking.  Help me decide!