I mentioned the excruciating pain that I have been having in my foot the other day.  Went to the doctor today.  More than likely, I have a stress fracture.

I tried calling my OB/GYN office two days in a row to find out about scheduling a biopsy for my “tooma” (It’s not a tooma).  They have yet to receive my radiology report from the breast ultrasound I had on Tuesday.


I’m feeling a little lost right now.

On one hand.  I really want to cry.  My foot hurts.  I want to walk in The 3 Day and I’m stuck sitting.  I want to lose weight but I’m stuck sitting.  I want to go shopping but I’m stuck sitting.  See where I’m going with that?  There is also the very real possibility that this stupid lump could be something serious…like cancer.  That would just suck eggs.

On the other hand, I keep making jokes.  I think Bob should be extra nice to me since I have a tooma.  I also think he should do the dishes since I have a broken foot.  I think everyone should be bending over backwards to be sweet to me.  Don’t you?  I do know how to milk it… Me and my friend Cheryl are joking all day long trying to think of a name for my tooma.

I think I just really hate waiting.