I hate dragging my boys to the store.  Absolutely hate it.  With a passion.  There is three of them and one of me.  They take off in every which direction, touch every single item on every single shelf.  It is a constant barrage of “mommy look at this,” “mommy can I have that?” “mommy, mommy mommy mommy….”


Because of this, I tend to try and schedule every shopping trip during a time when Bob can be home (and awake) to keep the boys for me while I shop.  Bob works nights and sleeps days.  It’s not always possible to do this.  Sometimes, life deals me a bad hand and I just have to take the boys with me.  It’s times like this that I really appreciate Click ‘n’ Pull® at Sam’s Club.

Click ‘n’ Pull allows me to order my groceries online and then have a Sam’s Club person pull my items off the shelves and have them waiting for me when I arrive.   And doing it this way allows me to utilize my eValues, too.

Click ‘n’ Pull greatly reduces my stress and makes me happy.  You should try it, too.

Don’t forget that the week of September 1-6, Sam’s Club is allowing all members to try out the eValues program (normally only available for Plus Memberships) for free.  So it would be a great time to try out eValues and Click ‘n’ Pull.

Sam’s Club provided me with monetary compensation for my participation in the Labor Day eValues Campaign.  The opinions are still always mine.