Quite honestly, had I been paying attention to my emails, I would have told Team Mom “NO WAY!  Please don’t send me any Moon Dough!”  The boys had received Moon Sand as a gift before and it was a nightmare.  I figured the Dough version was probably going to be the same.

I was wrong.

Moon Dough is COOL!

Moon Dough – the amazing new dough that is out of this world!  Soft, light, wheat-free and non-drying, Moon Dough comes in 8 great colors for you to play with again and again!

We received the Moon Dough Barn to play with and experience Moon Dough for the first time.  It was a hit!  All three boys loved the neat feeling of Moon Dough.  The best way I can think to describe it is “squished cotton candy” only not sticky.  At all.  It was dense, but light.  Unlike anything I had ever felt before.  The boys literally spent hours squishing the Moon Dough into the barn compartment and churning out little farm animals.

Over and over and over…

Now.  To say that Moon Dough is not messy would be a big fat lie.  But, I honestly didn’t feel it was any worse than play dough.

Just like play dough, the Moon Dough breaks into little pieces and falls to the floor in a scattered mess.  You can take a clump of Moon Dough and use it to pick up all the bigger pieces from the floor, table, chairs, etc.  But it is a pain in the rear. After you have spent an hour time picking up as much as you can, you vacuum.  There is no way to pick it all up.  If you play with Moon Dough, be prepared to vacuum.

After a few uses, and a few vacuums, there isn’t a lot of Moon Dough left and much like play dough, the colors all melted together to form one sea-foam green clump of dough.  But 2 weeks later, the boys ask me daily if they can play with it.

I have one improvement I would suggest for the Barn (if the Moon Dough powers that be happen to read this).  Fix the handle/crank so that it doesn’t keep coming off.  I don’t know why it’s made to slip off.  But the little brothers don’t have the coordination to put it back on and I am getting a constant barrage of “MOM!  I NEED YOU TO PUT THE HANDLE BACK ON!  Waaahhhhhh!!!!!!”

Otherwise, we liked Moon Dough.  I’ll be buying some refills because it is neat to play with and the boys just love it.  And I don’t hate it.