Generally, when someone works for a company for a long time, they get the better hours.  Better shifts.  Am I wrong?  Every place I’ve ever worked (even my husband’s company but in a different department), you start out working graveyard’s (or third shift, or overnights).  Then after a few years, people leave, you pay your dues, you get rewarded with better shifts.

Am I right?  Why else would people stick around at a 24 hour job if it wasn’t for the hope of working “days” eventually?

I mean, I’m not just imagining this am I?

Well, apparently I am because my husband has the most seniority in his department (even more than his manager) yet he’s still working third shift.

(oh, and his shifts “can” change because every 12 weeks they draw numbers for new shifts, but for some stroke of bad luck he keeps getting stuck with the 3rd shift…over and over and over…)

As a family with 3 young, noisy boys.  This sucks.

It’s hell for me to try and keep the boys quiet and entertained during the day so that Bob can get enough sleep to (barely) function.  It’s hard to plan family activities around his wacky and ever-changing schedule.  Even when he gets days off, he has to spend half of the time sleeping.

This results in a lot of grouchiness.

And, just yesterday, I made the promise to Anthony that “tomorrow is your dad’s day off, so he can take you down to see the submarines.”  Well, today is tomorrow and where is his dad?  Sleeping.  I kinda forgot about the fact that dad needed to sleep instead of spending the afternoon doing something fun with his kid.

My bad.

I just want my husband to have a little bit of “normalcy” in his day.  He’s worked hard.  He’s old(er).  I want him to enjoy having his son’s around while they are young enough to still want him around instead of being so tired that he just wants them to sit down and be quiet.   He’s missing all the best parts of our boys.

Can you tell that I’m just a tad bit annoyed?  There are plenty of people in his department that are younger, have no kids and more importantly, have less seniority.  Why can’t they have the crappy shifts?  My husband needs a break.  His kids need their (awake & coherent) dad.

If you have a spouse working the overnight shifts, how do you manage?  How do you get enough quality time together?  How do you save your sanity??