Boobie Cake Pops!

Honestly, my boobies are not as cute as I’d hope they would be…

Sounds like something an adolescent girl might say , huh?

I wish I could take the talent and patience that Bakerella has in her pinky and just borrow it sometimes.  Because I had grand dreams of these adorably fun boobie cake pops to serve tonight at our Bingo for Boobies fund raising party.  But…

My boobies are uneven.

My boobies are lumpy.

My boobies have cracks in them.

Sounds like something a middle aged women might say, huh?

Maybe the colors are off?  Maybe it’s the GIANT “nipples?”  I’m not sure.  I don’t know how Bakerella gets her cake pops so even and smooth!

In any case.  I guess I just have to work with what I got.  They are still very delicious!

I made them using Bakerella’s cake pop recipe:

  • 1 box of cake mix baked according to package descriptions (I used strawberry because I wanted pink).
  • 1 tub of  frosting (again, I used strawberry).
  • pink candy melts
  • brown candy melts

Once my cake was cooled, I stuck it in my Ninja to crumble it uniformly.  Then using my hands, I mooshed the cake and frosting together to form a sticky gooey mess of “dough.”  I rolled them out and stuck them in the freezer for an hour to harden.

Once hard(er), I melted the pink candy melts according to the package directions and dipped my balls of cake.

Now, here is where I messed up.  I let the pink balls set up.  I had the thought of melting the brown (peanut butter flavored) candy melts and then doing a “dip and swirl” to create my nipples.  But they looked so bad!   I was really upset last night and started thinking that my boobie cake pops would never come to fruition.

But Bob came along and suggested that that I just remelt the pink a little so that I could stick a whole, un-melted brown candy melt on the tops.  So here I popped my cake pops into the oven on warm for just about 5 minutes to soften the candy shells.  Once soft, I was able to stick the brown on top and they stuck.  It worked brilliantly!

When I thanked my husband for his winning suggestion he reminded me, “well, I am a professional.”


All in all, I am happy with the way they turned out.  They are cute now that they are decorated.

Let the lesson be, that even if you have lumpy, cracked boobies with giant nipples, a little decorating can fix them right up pretty!