We had our BINGO for Boobies party last night and it was a BLAST!  There was a great turn out of enthusiastic bingoer’s (I know that’s not a word…but whatever).  This was a really fun and more importantly, a  profitable event.  At the end of the night, we raised over $900.00 for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure.


Be sure to go through all 22 pictures in the slideshow.  You won’t be disappointed!  We had a couple of really great guys sporting very pretty bras and serving up drinks.  They were a riot.  But I am a little concerned for their wives since they seem to be enjoying the bra wearing a little too much…

The event would not have been possible without several sponsor companies that came through with prizes and supplies.

Thank you to:

First I need to thank Energizer® because they are my personal sponsor.  Because of that, we had a great Energi To Go® laptop charger in the raffle.  Because of Energizer, all of the $900.00 raised at the party could go into Mindy’s fund raising account!

Prize Sponsors: Lingerie.com, Mabel’s Label’s, Becca Timpson-Sebenius with Arbonne, Gayla Hagar with Partylite, Jennifer Crenshaw Photography, Fudge’N Around, and Ramona Beauty Supply.  I had some gift cards hanging around that I had earned by doing different product reviews, so we had a TJ Maxx card and VONS card in the prizes, too.

We got some delicious Wine from  Black Box Wine (YUMO!)

Then we found pretty pink party supplies and pink bingo supplies online from a great company, too.   They were even nice enough to send me some articles with tips on hosting a successful fund raising bingo party.  Great company with great customer service!

All of the margarita supplies, chips and salsa’s were picked up at Sam’s Club for a great deal.

So, if you are trying to fund raise for the 3 Day for the Cure, let me suggest a BINGO party!  It was really pretty easy to pull off and lots of fun.