I know I have not posted much about my 3 day training of late.  It’s because I haven’t been able to train.

I was finally able to get a referral to an orthopedist for my foot.  I will see her tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3pm.  My foot is hurting and so in order to keep things from getting worse, I have stayed off of it.  This sucks.  You can’t very well train for a long walk without walking and it’s hurting my feelings almost as much as it’s hurting my foot.  I miss my time walking, I am missing out on meeting other participants, I am missing out on a lot of fun.  I only hope they are able to find some answers so I can get to feeling better so I can get out there and Keep Going®!

In addition to seeing the foot doctor tomorrow, I am having my breast biopsy done.  This happens at 1pm.

Seriously, the planning and shuffling of children and figuring out who’s going to be where when is really hard!

Anthony has community school tomorrow.  My mom is going to drive us down (down the “hill” about 45 minutes to where school and doctors are), Bob is staying up here until the afternoon.  Then boys transfer to grandpas watch, then Bob is picking up babysitting boy, then Anthony from community school, then my mom takes me to the ortho…

Something like that.

I think.


Makes me tired just thinking about it.  I hope I have everyone picked up when they need to be picked up.  But in the end, I just hope I will finally start to get some answers for myself.  I need my foot to work so I can walk.  I need my biopsy to be negative.  Then I can move forward and Keep Going.