We are getting behind in our lessons.  Some of it was because I was out of town last week, but a lot of it is my kid.  He just can’t sit still for anything.  Well…he will sit still for science experiments.  Science experiments are great but I still need to teach him to read and all that other jazz.

I find myself just getting mad at him, then in turn he is a teary mess, then I am a teary mess…on and on.

We are following the CAVA/K12 curriculum and it is very structured.  I thought I wanted structure, but what do you do when he flat out refuses to do a lesson? I start to do a lesson that he doesn’t want to do (Phonics especially) and he starts fidgeting in his seat, needing a drink, needing to pee or just generally distracting himself.  When I tell him we need to do this, he just starts crying and telling me he’s “frustrated.”

Yeah, you and me both, mister!


I am not a creative person, so help me!  What kinds of things do you do to make the hard lessons more fun and entertaining?  Is there a resource for games and such, especially for phonics/reading, that I could try?  I’ve got him doing math outside on the swingset.  That works okay for counting by 5’s or 2’s, but not so much for reading.

How do you keep your home school fresh?