Anthony is a great eater.  He is so much fun to take places because he want’s to try new things.  He’s very adventurous.  We were in the grocery store one day and he says:   “mommy, I want you to by me some crab”  And I said, “um, why?”  He replied, “because I just don’t know how good it is!”

And thus began his love affair with food.  He’s also a big fan of alligator jerky.

Now, I don’t try new foods.  Ever.  I don’t know where Anthony got it because I am really weird when it comes to trying anything new or “weird.”  So I surprised myself when I actually wanted to try bison meat.

I’m really glad I tried it because bison is good.

Bison isn’t “health food”. It’s food that’s healthy, really healthy. Naturally lean and lower in saturated fat than beef, chicken, pork, or even salmon. Low in cholesterol, low in sodium, a great source of iron and a healthy dose of Omega 3 fatty acids to boot. The dense proportion of protein, fat, mineral, and fatty acids to caloric value make bison one of the more nutrient-dense meats available today.

I was shocked to learn that bison is the meat lowest in fat and cholesterol!

Isn’t that something?

High Plains Bison sent my family some bison hot dogs, bison Italian sausage and two NY Strip Steaks.

The sausage and hot dogs were my favorite.  And that says a lot since I don’t generally like hot dogs or sausage.  I told you, I am weird about food. And I can’t usually enjoy these things because I can’t push the thoughts of what “mystery meat” might be squished into that sausage skin.  (I know, so gross…but I can’t help it).  So the fact that I loved these sausages says a lot!  The Italian sausage was delicious and was made with pepperonchini and provolone cheeses.  We grilled these up on the bar-b-que one night and they were a hit with my entire family.  Even the picky twins ate them!

The NY Strip Steaks were also good.  But, High Plains Bison recommends serving bison at a medium to medium-rare temperature.  I am a {very} well-done kinda gal.  So while my husband was in heaven eating his medium-rare steak, I couldn’t do it.  I ate around the edges that were more done, and it was very tasty.  Next time I try it, I’m just going to have to go against suggestion and cook that baby well done!  I am sure I would have enjoyed it much better had it not been mooing at me (which makes me wonder…do bison’s “moo?”)

High Plains Bison products are all natural – no hormones, fillers, antibiotics or artificial ingredients. Just pure American bison. Raised by hand-selected ranchers that specialize in and understand the unique demands of raising bison and only bison on the High Plains where they were meant to roam. Our herds are humanely raised and processed with the utmost care. All of our meat is 100% USDA certified and many of our cuts can even go so far as to claim to be American Heart Association certified. It’s that good for you.

I love this about bison. With my family increasing it’s organic and all-natural food consumption (since it’s shown to help ADHD symptoms), bison is a great red mean alternative for us.

I’m even thinking that some bison steaks would make for a great holiday gift for any meat lovers you may have on your list.  My cousin Gary is a huge sausage fan and I’m thinking some new bison sausage might be right up his alley.

If  you are interested in trying some delicious bison meat yourself (or for a unique holiday gift), I have a coupon code for you!  YAY

Enter Coupon Code:  EATGOOD22 to receive 20% off of all food items from High Plains Bison.  (Please note:  You will enter code into your cart area but discount won’t reflect until you get to the billing page).

FTC Disclosure:  I received a variety pack of High Plains Bison products so that my family could try them and write a review.  My opinions are always my own.

Have you ever tried bison??  What did you think?