Six years ago today my world changed.  I had waited and wanted a child for so long, and finally, you arrived.

I had dreams of dressing up, taking out, and showing off a sweet little angel baby,  instead you cried {rather, you screamed} and demanded and ate and pooped on me!

You came into this world a giant force to be reckoned with.  From the moment you were born we knew you were different.  You have a giant personality and a giant heart.  You love with everything you got.  You laugh freely.  And when you are pissed, the whole world knows it!

I love that you want to know everything.  You’ve never taken an “I don’t know” response.  You’ve never let me off the hook while inquiring about something new.  You tell me “google it.”

I love how adventurous you are.  You like to try new foods, you’ve never been picky.  You are a true foodie and I know I better start a savings account so I can afford your crab leg dinners as you start eating like a teenager.

You are handsome, smart and funny.  I wish you lots of success in your life.  I love you, Anthony.  My love.

Happy Sixth Birthday!