Turns out, I DO have a stress fracture.

Big fat bummer.

My regular doctor did x-rays a couple weeks ago and no breaks showed up.  But my foot still hurt, and seemed to be getting worse.  So I asked, “if it’s not a stress fracture, then what is it?”  So off to an Orthopedic specialist I went.  She ordered an MRI.  Lo and behold…there is a stress fracture that the x-ray missed.

So now, I am wearing this ever-so-fashionable walking cast thing-a-ma-bob. I think I will go to the craft store and find some pink glitter puffy paints so I can fancy it up a bit.  I hate that it’s so drab.

But you know what I hate worse than the drabness?

I hate that I can’t go on training walks  for my 3 Day!

And that sucks.  Eggs.  Big fat rotten stinky eggs.

But I will not let this deter me from my mission.  I will Keep Going®!

My ortho doctor told me that she has seen stress fractures take many months (up to a year) to completely heal.  I have 8 weeks until the San Diego Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure.  I will wear my (soon to be) pink glittered boot around the clock (unfortunately, it’s my right foot so I have to remove it to drive).  And I am now on a mission to find a stationary bike so that I can still exercise without putting any stress on my foot bone.  I hope that by riding the bike, I can still lose some weight, increase my endurance and overall health so that I will still be able to walk come November.

What do you think?

Totally doable.

Just tell  me that it is.