Anthony want’s to be a cub scout.

I have mixed feelings about it.

I mean, I was a girl scout when I was a kid.  I’m down with all that stuff.  I had fun.  I was a girl scout all the way through high school (I was also a nerd).  It was fun to go camping and make crafts and do stuff together.  I know it will be good for him and they help teach respect and honor and all that good jazz.

But, all the moms are wearing goofy uniforms and I don’t want to.  They will clash with my pink hair.

And, there are (currently) only two 1st graders joining.  So that means there is a high likelihood that I would have to be a den mother.


I don’t think I want that responsibility.  But, say I don’t take it on, and the other mother doesn’t step up, then Anthony is left hanging without a troop, or den.

I really just don’t want to wear a stupid uniform.

I think all he really want’s to do is sell popcorn.