I had a recheck today with my Orthopedist (whatchamacallit) today and she went over my official MRI results from last week.  My official diagnosis is:  Nondisplaced fracture at the superior proximal corner of the navicular bone.

Um, yeah.  Ok.  That’s pretty much Greek to me.

But I did find out that the navicular bone is the bone on the top of your foot and very prone to stress fractures.

And I can confirm that the top of my foot is where it hurts.

First off, in my appointment today I learned that I do not have to tighten the straps on my boot until all circulation is lost and my toes go numb.  I don’t understand why the doctor laughed at me for this.  I mean, they didn’t give me any official instruction, so how was I supposed to know?

And the best thing I learned at my appointment today is that I AM allowed to Keep Going® with my 3 Day training!

I can’t pick up and go 17 miles (which is the distance I should be going with only 7 weeks to train!), but at least I don’t have to sit on my butt anymore.  My doctor said 1-3 miles should be okay as long as my foot does not hurt.  I can go further if my foot is okay.  I MUST wear my boot.

YAY for training!

I’m not sure how everything is going to play out, but I’m super excited to get back out there and Keep Going!