Holy cow, TWENTY of my favorite things??  Who’s idea was it to do this 30 days of Me, meme anyways?

Yeah, don’t answer that.

Ok.  Here goes.  Twenty of my favorite things:

  1. That moment around 9 or 9:30pm when the boys have finally stopped talking and have fallen asleep.
  2. Watching Nathan try to write.
  3. Frozen cheesecake on a stick dipped in chocolate.
  4. Oh, who am I kidding….any cheesecake is my favorite!
  5. Chicken Madeira from The Cheesecake Factory.
  6. Diet Cherry Pepsi.
  7. Alcohol.  Really, just about any of it is good for me.
  8. Good coffee from my Keurig.
  9. Hearing any of my boys say “I love you” without being asked.
  10. My husband.  We actually have a joke where we refer to each other as our “favorite” husband/wife, as opposed to our first spouses who {obviously} are not our favorites.
  11. Watching my boys get absolutely filthy when camping.
  12. Air conditioning.
  13. Hearing Gabriel quote Star Wars.
  14. Nutella.  I can’t keep it in the house, otherwise I just eat the entire jar.  In one sitting.  It’s bad.
  15. Cheryl
  16. My iPhone!  How in the world did I ever live without it??
  17. Facebook.
  18. PINK
  19. Hearing Anthony easily read a whole book after 45 minutes of fighting with him because he “doesn’t want to.”
  20. Sex (sorry mom).

What is your top 20 favorite things?  Join us for 30 Days of ME!