I’m totally late today with my 30 Day’s of Me post, but I was off being a good mommy and making Halloween crafts with my boys.  GO ME!  I’ll have pictures of our creations soon, I’m so proud of us.

In the meantime, here is a picture that was taken more than 10 years ago.  Way, more than 10 years…this is {I think} circa 1990-1992 ish.  I know I was in Mexico with a bunch of friends for the Fourth of July holiday.  I know that’s a bottle of Boone’s and I know I wasn’t 21.  But in my defense, it’s completely legal to drink in Mexico at age 18, so I wasn’t breaking any laws.

…to only be that thin again…I remember thinking I was so huge.  Stupid teenager.

I digress.

Are you playing along in the 30 Days of Me, meme?  If so, I hope you link up so I can come see what you looked like in your younger days!