We are 5 weeks out from the San Diego Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure walk.  FIVE WEEKS PEOPLE!  Holy cow, where has the time gone?  This weekend they are walking in Philadelphia (Go Philly!).  Things are just buzzing right along but I feel lost and left out.

Having a broken foot sucks.

I was so happy when my orthopedist told me I could continue training.  As long as I don’t have pain, and I wore my boot, then I could Keep Going®. I started out small,  it felt as if I was new again.  One mile.  Then one and a half.  Testing out my foot.  All seemed {mostly} well.

However, walking long distances in a boot/walking cast brings on an entire new set of problems that I didn’t expect.

First,  I’m uneven.  Around the house, I have taken to wearing a flip flop with a thick sole so that I can walk evenly and without a limp.  The boot is very big and I have stand with my other foot on tip toe to be balanced.  Unfortunately, my super fantastic, very supportive, perfect for a 60 mile trek, New Balance 846‘s do not have a real thick sole.  So I limp on my training walks.  I have an uneven gate.  Because of this, my hip really hurts.

Second,  my boot doesn’t have cushioning in it.  So while my foot is immobile from flexing and the bone is healing, the bottoms of my feet hurt after only a 3 mile training walk.  I mean, face it, these walking casts aren’t really made for long distance walking.

I’m not naturally athletic, so this is all very discouraging for me.  It’s hard to want to go on a training walk when I know I’m going to be in so much pain after.  And then I get annoyed with myself, because for goodness sake…it’s not chemo!  Things could be so much more worse, why do I have to be such a baby?

This week I’ve gone on two 2.5 mile walks.  According to the training guide, this weekend we should be covering 18 miles!  I sure hope other ladies are getting further than I am.

I just tell myself:  I will be at the San Diego walk.  I will walk.  I will walk.  I will walk.  Dammit, boot and all!