Every year at Thanksgiving, my mom buys a giant turkey.  I mean a giant, must have been exposed to radiation, 30 POUND turkey.  Talk about artificial hormones!  Anyhow, one time several years ago, she held this enormous turkey up by it’s wings and started spanking it.  I don’t even know why she did this.  But it was they funniest thing I’d ever seen.  Maybe I was drunk?  It’s quite possible.  But we both burst out laughing and took turns spanking the turkey.

I’m sure we must have both been drunk!

And so now, every year since as long as I can remember, we spank the turkey at Thanksgiving.

I sure wish I had it on video!  Instead, I have to settle for a poor graphical rendition and my memory.

I only tell you this because now Sam’s Club wants to know what your family’s FUNNIEST, CRAZIEST, WACKIEST, and FAVORITE holiday tradition is!  This is your chance to show off your funky family and spank that turkey for the world!  All entries have the chance to be featured on the Sam’s Club holiday website!

That’s right people.  Sam’s Club is looking for video submissions of your funny and wacky holiday traditions (holidays as in whatever holiday you celebrate in the winter:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, etc etc)  They want to feature real stories and real videos on their holiday website that will be launching real soon.

Is video not really your thing?  Then feel free to submit a short written essay (200 words or less) describing your wacky relatives…err…I mean TRADITIONS.

Here are some technical details:

  • Each entry MUST address “Holiday Traditions and/or Holiday Stories”
  • File format for uploaded video must only be .MP4 or .WMV
  • Each entry must be in English
  • Video must be no more than 3 minutes in length
  • Essay entries must be no more than 200 words long
  • Each contest entrant MUST provide name, address, phone number and email address
  • NO sexually explicit, disparaging, libelous or other inappropriate content or nudity
  • NO dangerous acts
  • NO copyrighted or trademarked property of Sam’s Club competitors or entities


GRAND PRIZE VIDEO WINNER will receive a 26″ Magnavox LCD 720p HDTV (estimated value of $279.87)

GRAND PRIZE ESSAY WINNER will receive a Nikon Coolpix S3000 12MP Digital Camera (estimated value of $119.88)

How To Enter your VIDEO

CLICK HERE to upload your .MP4 or .WMV  file to the Sam’s Club file share account.

See below for instructions how to fill it out:

How to Enter your Essay

Email your submission to holidaytraditions@rockfishinteractive.com.  In the body of your email, please include your Name, Address, Email and Phone number.  Entries without full contact information will be DISQUALIFIED.

I hate to keep saying “Disqualified” but I do not want that to happen to you, so please pay attention to the rules!

Terms & Conditions

Submission’s close on October 22, 2010 at 11:50pm EST.  Contest open to US residents age 18 and over.  Each entry will be judged by a qualified judge or panel appointed by Sam’s Club who’s decisions will be based upon the following criteria:  Humor (50%), Innovation & Creativity (25%) and Originality (25%).   Please read the full Terms & Conditions here.

I can’t wait to see the entries!  GOOD LUCK!

Hey, while you are here, have you entered your best Halloween Costume?  You could win a Wii bundle in that one!  GO!

FTC Disclosure:  I was provided monetary compensation for my participation in this Holiday Traditions campaign.  All opinions are always my own.