I know it was a super short contest, but there were some really fabulous prizes up for grabs, so I hope you entered!  And now I get to share with you the winning entries to the Sam’s Club Holiday Traditions Video/Essay Contest.

The Winning Essay goes to April Yedinak from Hodgenville, KY.  April wins a Nikon CoolPix S3000 valued at $119.88

Santa’s Crazy Helper

As children get older, they start to question the existence of Santa. In an effort to prolong this magical part of their childhood, we have a Christmas Eve tradition of planting Santa evidence that would keep the North Pole CSI guessing for months.

Of course, there is the usual eating of cookies and quaffing of room temperature milk- leaving visible bite marks in sugar wreaths and lip prints on the glass.  Where we veer off the normal track is outside the house.

Carrots and apples are left on the porch for the reindeer with the appropriate bite marks (I am now stuffed).   Snow or dirt is used  to make deer tracks.  A few sleigh bells are  scattered, along with some hastily gathered ‘deer dropping’ pilfered, with gloved hand,  from a neighbor’s yard (Merry Christmas people with the Great Dane).

The final touch is sled marks made using a pair of 2×4’s that we drag across the lawn, evenly spaced for several yards.  At this point the egg nog has usually begun to override our discretion and we are giggling and snowball fighting at 3 am in our pajamas.

Lack of sleep- priceless, because my kids still believe!

The Winning Video goes to Tiffany Snedaker of Eagle Mountain, UT.  Tiffany wins the 26″ Magnavox HDTV!

So help me congratulate April and Tiffany!  They have some really special holiday traditions.  Don’t forget to stay tuned for the launch of the Sam’s Club Holiday Traditions website where you’ll get to see these entries plus some of the runner ups.

FTC:  I was provided with compensation for my participation in this holiday campaign.  My opinions are my own.