Oh, my.  I’m so behind on the 30 Days of Me.  Who’s brilliant idea was this anyways?  Cheryl is totally kicking my butt getting her posts out on time.  She’s making me look bad.  In an effort to catch up some, I’m gonna hammer out three of the questions today.

Day 18:  Your Wedding (Past or Future)

I married Bob on July 14, 2001.  This was the second wedding for both of us so we went a little unconventional.

I wore a lavender dress (it’s hard to tell in these scanned pictures) and instead of picking a color scheme, we went with a rainbow pallet.  I had rainbow ribbon and lavender tulle all over as decorations.  We had rainbow colored cakes and twinkle lights.  We did {most} everything ourselves.

We were married at the Pine Hills Lodge in Julian, California.  It is a gorgeous little rustic resort that has rental cabins and a fabulous lodge.  All of our closest family was able to stay at the lodge with us.  This was awesome and we all got to have breakfast together in the morning and nobody had to worry about driving home after partying it up all night.

Day 19:  A Talent of Yours

I grow people.  That’s totally a talent, right?  And I don’t just grow my own, but I can grow them for others, too.

Day 20:  A Hobby

So sad.  I can’t think of a single “real” hobby.  I mean, I love to cook, I love to make things from scratch, I love to edit graphics on the computer, I love to build blogs.  But I don’t think any of these are really hobbies.  I think of a hobby as knitting or painting…something like that.  Maybe does drinking beer count as a hobby?

So, I’m getting caught up!  Maybe I’ll finish with the pack after all.  Hop around and visit the others who are participating in the 30 Days of Me, MeMe and see what fun facts you can learn.