Let’s pretend that you have some friends.  They have been your friends for most of your life.  Then one day, your friends hurt your feelings.  Now, I don’t know that they actually hurt my feelings on purpose, but they did.  They left me out and made me feel unimportant.  It made me cry and feel like shit.

So I tell my friends that they were shitty.

Now.  They are ignoring me.  No reply.  No explanation.  No apology.  No “screw you, you suck.”  Nothing.

I didn’t do anything.  He invited me to something, then they left me to be by myself rather than including me.  I mean, really.  Don’t invite me to come if you don’t want me there!  It was no big deal.  I didn’t care if I went.  I didn’t even know about it until I was invited.  But they insisted it would be fun, that I should go, that they wanted me there.

Then they get there five minutes before us and don’t save a seat.  This now leaves it so I would have to sit alone (well, Bob was there initially but had to leave early for work.  After he had to leave, I would have been by myself.  I didn’t want to sit in a bar at a concert all alone looking like an idiot while my “friends” sat behind me in a group having a grand ole time together).

Now I’m the bad guy and am being ignored.  Again.

25 years down the drain.

I am not a weepy person, at all.  So why can’t I stop crying over this?  I think it’s because I don’t understand what I did wrong.

My heart is broken.