A Website?  Really?  I’m a blogger and StumbleUpon addict…I can list thousands of websites!  You think I’m exaggerating?  How about, I list the top websites that I visit every.single.day.

MomDot.Com Trisha is funny and fabulous.  She has created some wonderfully supportive blogger forums and that is where I have met my bestest of virtual friends.  It’s also where I’ve learned everything about this thing called Blogging.  Now, the momdot blog has started focusing more on little girls clothes (because she has an adorable little girl to dress), but with all these stinky boys, I really can’t relate.  But I visit the momdot forums every day, several times a day.

Facebook.  You can find me on facebook alllllldaaaayyyylooonnngggg.  It’s a sickness.

BobTheWizard.com.  It’s my husband, gotta give him some linky love.  Just wish he would post more instead of just talking about posting more.

The Beautiful Side of Hectic. My beastie, Cheryl.  She is fabulous!

What are your favorite websites?  Any that I must know of?  You can find the rest of my 30 Days of Me, MeMe answers here.  Come play with us!