Today’s 30 Days of Me, MeMe question is “Where I Live.”  My family lives in my mom and dad’s house.

A couple years ago, my parents thought they wanted to downsize a bit.  They were living in this big ole’ house with just the two of them.  My family really needed a bigger place because we were crammed into a tiny apartment.  So they decided to convert their garage into a smaller apartment and move in there, thus freeing up the house for my family.

Now, my mom tries to make you feel sorry for her by saying she moved into the garage for us.  But don’t let her do this to you!  Their “garage” is a beautiful $150,000 dollar conversion with only the finest of amenities.  They’ve got granite counters and tile floors, two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms.  It’s nice.  Really nice.

This left the house, a large three bedroom and two bath home for me and my family.  It’s a beautiful house, also with granite counters, oak cabinets and tile in the kitchen and entry ways.  There is lots of oak throughout the house because when my mom lived here, she made it nice this way.

We live in the little town of Ramona, California.  I’ve lived here my whole life (just about).  It’s a nice place to call home.